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5 Best Breakup Songs of 2011

Looking back at the year there were quite a few songs that could be classified as the best breakup songs and I’ve chosen my five favorite. You may or not agree, but let me cry my heart out to these songs if I so choose. And if you have a better one that helped you get through a breakup this year, please share in the comments section your favorite.

1. Cee Lo Green: Forget You

This song was one of the most played songs on the radio or at least I heard it every time I got in my car or turned on my radio. It isn’t a real depressing song, but rather an anthem that you can crank up on your stereo, point your finger sternly and yell, “Forget You!”

2. Chris Brown: Deuces

Instead of flipping the middle finger (or flipping out), Chris Brown gave us a new way to say goodbye to an ex. (Insert cruel joke here.) Throw up the deuces, baby!

3. Adele: Someone Like You

Adele was one of the most popular/best selling artists of 2011 and it was because of her rich vocals and emotional tone of her hit Someone Like You that you can feel the pain and the anguish Adele went through after some douchebag dumped her.

4. Katy Perry: The One That Got Away

Katy’s art just may imitate life. This song is about…well…pining for the one that got away.

5. Taylor Swift: Back to December

Even though she hasn’t experienced a whole lot of love lost in her young life, Swift writes the best love/breakup songs. Back to December is one of her best.

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Comment (1)

  1. Claude

    Gotye, "Somebody That I Used to Know" esp. the cover of this song by Walk Off the Earth.

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