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10 Celebrity Couples With Twins

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A lot of times when older celebrity wanna-be mothers try to get pregnant it doesn’t happen. When women reach the ripe age of 40, the chances of becoming pregnant naturally goes down significantly. Thus, the reason for so many opting for fertility treatments. Heck, they can afford it! But, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will get pregnant and be able to carry the babies without some sort of trouble. Fortunately for the following celebrity couples they introduced twin babies into the world who are now living healthy and very comfortable lives. Here are ten of our favorite celebrity couples with twin babies.


After three years of wedded bliss and candy bling, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon added to their brood two fold. On April 30th, 2011 the couple welcomed Monroe (5 lbs, 3 oz) and Moroccan Scott (5 lbs, 6 oz). Mariah revealed her twins pregnancy at the President and Mrs. Obama Christmas concert. Festive, indeed!

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