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10 Single Celebrity Moms

As we all know celebrity relationships slash marriages don’t last forever (in 99.9% of all cases) and when kids are involved they usually end up with their mother. Even though the majority of single celebrity moms have big money to hire nannies to help them raise their children, the technicality of the matter is they are doing it on their own. We found our top 10 single celebrity mothers and wrote up a little somethin’ somethin’ on each of them. Read ‘em and share yours in the comments section!


She was married to a guy who gave himself the nickname the Vanilla Gorilla and who secretly humped around on her, an Oscar award winning actress and America’s Sweetheart. The nerve! But after finding out the devastating news, Sandra Bullock took the baby that she and Jesse James were adopting together and moved to the South. Baby Louis Bardo, from New Orleans has become Sandra’s pride and joy.


When she made the announcement that she was splitting from her director husband Sam Mendes, everyone seemed so shocked because they always seemed as if they were happy together. Obviously not, but despite their split Kate and Sam have been able to keep things amicable for their children Mia and Joe.


Michelle Williams certainly wasn’t expecting to lose her baby daddy Heath Ledger so soon. When a child’s father passes away, I cannot imagine that being a single parent is easy. Nonetheless, Michelle has managed to raise their daughter Matilda quietly out of the limelight. Sure they are seen skipping around Brooklyn and hanging out in coffee shops, but for the most part, Williams does her best to raise her daughter as normal as normal can be when you are a celebrity.


In 2008 Halle Berry gave birth to a daughter Nahla, whom she created with gorgeous model (then boyfriend at the time) Gabriel Aubrey. Unfortunately, the relationship with Aubrey only last a couple of years. They promised to keep things friendly for the sake of their daughter, however the custody battle could get ugly.


Katie Couric lost her husband to colon cancer back in 1998 and was left to raise her two daughters Ellie and Carrie alone. The kiddos are now teenagers, but I’m thinking Katie had plenty of support as we haven’t heard of either kid getting in trouble with the law.


She split with her hippy looking rocker man Chris Robinson back in 2006 and received primary custody of their son Ryder. Robinson is still active in Ryder’s life and lucky Ryder will be a big brother to a little brother or sister as Kate awaits the arrival of her bundle with rocker fiance Matt Bellamy.


Minnie Driver is more of a single parent by choice. Heck, she didn’t even reveal who her baby daddy is! Still to this day we do not know Henry Story’s father but despite raising her baby on her own, Driver has admitted that she does go online to get parenting advice from other mothers. See, she’s just like us!


Liv Tyler split from her ex hubby Royston Langdon, but was left with a beautiful boy named Milo who was born in December of 2004. Of Milo she told People magazine, “He likes to call me his princess. He says, ‘Oh, Mommy, you’re so cute. You’re my precious, precious mommy.'” That would be enough to make my heart melt.


We all know that the aftermath of Denise Richards’ and Charlie Sheen’s divorce was pretty much a hot mess, but she did get full custody of their daughters Sam and Lola. And now that Charlie and Denise are getting along once again (ahem, she’s still getting her child support payments and free vacations), their children get both of their parents in their lives.


Brit Brit’s life has been a rollercoaster ride and during that hot mess breakdown (you know, bald head, pink wig and paparazzi attacking) she lost guardianship of her boys Sean Preston and Jayden James. But after getting her crap together she was finally able to get her kids back. Now she’s holding steady, smiling and getting married to longtime boyfriend Jason Trawick. Go gurrrrlll.

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