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10 Celebrity Women With Curves

Now granted some (ok so, MANY) celebrity women pay for their curves, but hey we’ll take it. Thin is no longer in…not in our book anyways. There’s nothing cute about skin and bones, dahlings. Eat! And so with that being said and a chicken wing in our hand, we commemorate women with curves. Here are 10 Celebrity Women with curves that we admire!

1. Sofia Vergara: Modern Family’s Sofia. Ahhh. How can you not love her?

2. Jennifer Lopez: She is the original booty sister. The fly girl. Once J.Lo’s booty popped out into the public eye, everyone wanted to emulate it. Nobody has yet to outdo J.Lo’s rump.

3. Christina Hendricks: Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks is all woman. How can you not want a bod like hers? She’s all natural and eats!

4. Beyonce: Bey put the “booty” in bootylicious. Beyonce has never put down that chicken wing and we love her for it!

5. Meagan Good: Meagan Good. She sure lives up to her last name!

6. Jessica Biel: Many have referred to Justin Timberlake’s fiancee as “Shelfy” Biel, referencing her J.Lo-esque type booty.

7. Jessica Simpson: Jess has been the modern day Kirstie Alley of our generation. Ok, so maybe I wouldn’t go that far but she has been yo-yoing with her weight. But we tend to like Jess with more meat on her bones as long as she stays away from the “Mom Jeans”.

8. Tyra Banks: Tyra. Ohhhh Tyra.

9. Scarlett Johansson: She is one of Hollywood’s most beautiful A-listers but she has a sensual appeal about her that even women appreciate.

10. Kate Winslet: She’s always been very outspoken about her hate for photoshopping and airbrushing to make one look thinner than a person really is. Kate prefers curves and showing hers off!

Did we miss any of your faves? Share in the comments section below.

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  1. I agree with all except Jessica Biel and Megan Good.

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