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5 Celebrities That Throw Phones When Angry

Some celebrities have some anger issues. I am sure they get effing sick of the paparazzi following them around trying to get their million dollar shot, but sometimes celebrities get angry and cell phones start flying. Just ask Russell Brand.

1. Russell Brand:

A photographer is claiming that Russell got ticked off, snatched his cell phone and threw it through a window. Paparazzi photographer Timothy Jackson filed a police report citing “criminal damages” over the incident that happened today. Apparently Brand saw the photog shooting a pic from his car using an iPhone and Russ was got damn pissed. Russ must have been having one of those days. It happens, doesn’t it Naomi Campbell?

3. Naomi Campbell:

Speaking of Naomi Campbell, girlfriend is THE cell phone throwing queen. Campbell is accusing of throwing her cell phone at her housekeeper after she couldn’t find a pair of jeans. I know this was only one incident, but this could be the only report that we heard of. So with that being said, anytime I think I see Ms. Campbell, I duck.

2. Russell Crowe:

Last year when Russell Crowe was having trouble calling his wife in Australia from his hotel room in SoHo, he got frustrated. But when he couldn’t get it to work he got effing pissed and took the phone to the hotel desk clerk and threw it at him. Yep, that qualified for assault.

4. Brad Pitt:

Brad Pitt got damn angry during an advertisement clip of Japanese mobile provider Softbank but fear not…his “anger” was on purpose. He was arguing with someone over the phone and then proceeded to almost throw the cellphone but instead passes off the phone to a person passing by.

5. Paris Hilton’s Ex-Boyfriend Doug Reinhardt:

We all know how much trouble Paris Hilton and her then boyfriend Doug Reinhardt got into. It was after an evening out on the town, Dougie and Paris got into a heated argument that photogs got on camera. Apparently a cell phone flew out of the window of their limo and Paris jumped out of the car to retrieve it. A source said that Paris “went back to the limo with her hands empty – yelling to Doug that she wanted to kill him for throwing her cell out of the car.”

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  1. Not a phone! That’s serious.

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