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AVOID THE HOLLYWOOD CURSE: Tips For Keeping The Spark Alive

Admit it. Once you heard that Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli were calling it quits, you lost a bit of hope, right? And what about those rumors that Johnny Depp and his longtime love Vanessa Paradis might be throwing in the towel on their relationship? It’s sad! It really is. I mean these are those fairy tale relationships we look up to. But despite what we hear about what goes on in Hollywood, true love does exist. You just have to work it at.

So how can you keep your relationship and/or marriage intact before the spark completely blows out? Check out these tips for keeping the spark alive.

1. Don’t skimp on date nights! Students need to study, athletes need to stay in shape… and couples need to spend ample time together to keep the fire burning. Date nights should never be reserved for just birthdays and anniversaries – make them a habit.

2. Remember the butterflies and fireworks you felt when you and your other half first started dating? Keep the honeymoon phase alive by wooing each other all over again! Something as simple as a romantic picnic in the park or breakfast in bed can go a long way.

3. Successful relationships involve communication. An open and honest two-way dialogue is essential! Make it a priority to carve out time together each day to talk (and listen) about anything and everything.

So there you have it! Take notes, everyone!

Source: JDate

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