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10 Celebrities You Can Talk To On The Phone Via Dial-A-Star

Now you can talk to celebrities on the phone. Ok, I don’t necessarily know if you can refer to these peeps as “celebrities” but whatever. This gives the Z-listers something to do.

A new company called Dial-A-Star allows fans to call their Z-listers, but only if you’ve got some dough.

Here’s what the company’s website says, “ is the only place you can talk directly to a TRUE celebrity! Our service is unique and offers a completely discreet one-on-one conversation with celebs. The service is completely private and anonymous.”

Check out 10 of the “bigger” named Z-listers that you can chat with if you are willing to throw your money away.

1. Danielle Staub: Real Housewives of New Jersey star $18 per minute

2. Nadya Suleman: Octomom $12 per minute

3. Chris Crocker: $20 per minute

4. Dina Lohan: $25 per minute

5. Michael Lohan: $18 per minute

6. Tila Tequila: $20 per minute

7. Kate Major: $10 per minute

8. Jeremy Jackson: $15 per minute

9. Rachel Uchitel: $16 per minute

10. Angelina Pivarnick: $15 per minute

Check out the website here for yourself or get the phone number to call up one of these interesting peeps here.

What celebrity would you want to talk to on the phone?

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