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10 Child Stars Grown Up (PHOTOS)

Anna Chlumsky:

She was the little girl from My Girl…the girl who probably had her first kiss with MacCauley Culkin. And while you would have thought that she would have had a skyrocketing career since that flick, not so much really. Now, Anna is happily married and after a LONG hiatus from acting, she’s at it again. “It’s like breathing again,” she says of her return to acting. “Even on the worst days I am without a doubt still happier doing this than I am doing anything else.”

2. Keisha Knight-Pulliam

She played Rudy, the youngest Huxtable sibling on ‘The Cosby Show’ and unlike the majority of child stars, Keisha Knight-Pulliam has escaped scandal in her personal life. She sure did turn heads when she was seen playing a prostitute in the latest Tyler Perry movie, ‘Madea Goes to Jail.’ In addition to that flick, she will also star in her own reality show (of course) on Oxygen alongside her boyfriend called ‘Keshia and Kaseem.’

3. Kristen Stewart

Believe it or not, Kristen Stewart DID have a little acting experience before her big role in the Twilight series. K-Stew’s first big role was in ‘The Panic Room’ (playing Jodie Foster’s daughter) when she was just nine years old.

4. Drew Barrymore

Drew captured our hearts as little Gertie in the blockbuster hit E.T. Sure she had a few bumps along the way, but Barrymore has turned out okay and is still one of rom-com’s biggest Hollywood leading ladies.

5. Candace Cameron

She played DJ Tanner on the cheesy yet addicting Full House. After that gig, she disappeared from the Hollywood scene and at the age of 20 married hockey player Valeri Bure. Her and Valeri have three children.

6. Jodie Sweetin

She was the middle child on Full House. Remember Stephanie Tanner? Well, unfortunately Jodie wasn’t so lucky after the Full House phenomenon. Girlfriend turned into a meth addict! Most recently Jodie has resurfaced to share the story of her recovery and to re-start her TV career as the host of FUSE’s ‘Pants-Off Dance-Off’. Yes, it is a stripping show, but hey, it’s a start!

7. Danny Bonaduce

Danny Bonaduce was another child star who couldn’t handle the pressure of being a famous child actor. After starring on The Partridge Family, Danny experience a whole helluva lot of trouble including family abuse, drug addiction and homelessness.

8. Emmanuel Lewis

He was the cutie patootie on the hit sitcom Webster. Unfortunately for Lewis, since that show he hasn’t had many adult roles since. But..he has managed to stay out of trouble!

9. Christina Ricci

She played THE perfect Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family movie. She still kind of creeps me out, to be honest with you.

10. Fred Savage

Fred Savage played Kevin Arnold in the amazing long-running series The Wonder Years. His acting career never did really take off after the show, but he is the director of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” So kudos to him!

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  1. Fred Savage and Christina Ricci look EXACTLY the same!

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