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Celebrities That Love To Play Bingo!

Believe it or not, it isn’t just old people and low profile gamblers that enjoy playing Bingo. Celebrities love Bingo too and there are a ton of UK celebrities who enjoy a little bingo calling action!

We were able to find a few celebrities who enjoy the game, whether it be in a bingo hall or online like Cheekybingo.

1. Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams has confessed his love for online games but did y’all know that Williams is also a fan of online bingo? Even thought he launched his own online poker site, Robbie is said to be a huge fan of throwing his money to bingo games. The singer also took part in a Hollywood bingo competition that he was also to win some bucks that he donated to charity!

2. Denise Van Outen

UK’s Denise Van Outen has admitted to loving bingo and she is said to enjoy winning money on bingo websites.

3. Russell Crowe

Believe it or not, before he became a huge movie star, Russell was a bingo caller! But rumor has it that he was fired for changing some of the bingo calling phrases into rude ones. Surprised?

4. Prince William and the Queen

Prince William and the Queen are big fans of bingo. Heck, the game is big in the UK so why wouldn’t the royals be fans of bingo, right?

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  1. Bingo is fun- lol!

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