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Highest Paid TV Actors 2012


Television pays the big bucks, we ALL know that. I can hope and dream all day that I win it big over at, but I don’t put too much faith in that. So who takes home the biggest paycheck? According to
Forbes’ Highest Paid TV actor list, Charlie Sheen gives up his number one earnings of $40 million last year and gets replaced by Ashton Kutcher not
only with his job on Two and a Half Men but also on the earnings list.

Congratulations Mr. Kutcher. So who rounds out the top ten?

Well check out the remaining list below:

2. Hugh Laurie: Even though Laurie’s House hit on Fox ended in May, the guy
earned a whopping $18 million.

3. Ray Romano: Mr. Romano also earned $18 million with a small screen return to television on TNT’s Men of a Certain Age, which is no longer in existence. Make sense? Not so much. You must also remember that Romano makes BIG BUCKS with his reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond.

4. Alec Baldwin: 30 Rock. $15 million. Need I say more?

5. Mark Harmon: Harmon also made $15 million over the last year and he earned that with his work on NCIS.

6. Rolling in at number six is Tim Allen: Can you believe that??!!! He made his return to television and is making some good money, coming in at $14 million.

7. John Cryer: Another Two and a Half Men star makes the list…not so surprising, really. Mr. Cryer raked in a big $13 million.

8. Patrick Dempsey: Grey’s Anatomy’s fans won’t find it hard to believe that Dr. McSteamy or McDreamy(?) made the highest earnings list coming in at $12 million.

9. Jason Segel: $8 million for his work on How I Met Your Mother!

10. Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki both raked in $8 million.

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