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10 Celebrities Who Wear Fur

These peeps are never on PETA’s Christmas list, but they are on two lists. One, PETA’s list of celebs to red paint bomb and our list, 10 celebrities who wear fur. While some celebs probably do it for the attention, some celebrities just don’t give a care what anyone thinks…not even those poor helpless animals.

1. Kim Kardashian: Kim recently got flour-bombed recently on a red carpet by a rep from PETA for wearing fur. She should be damn lucky it wasn’t red paint!

2. Kanye West:

West has always had a love for fur and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He was quoted as saying, “At the end of the day, who are we hurting? Oh, ‘the new black’? Since Barack [Obama] is President blacks don’t like fur coats, red leather and fried chicken any more? When you truly understand cultural settings, boundaries, and our modern day caste systems, then you can feel the glory and pain from the days of kings in Africa to the new kings of the media. Remember clothing is a choice. We were born naked! Fresh is an opinion, love is objective, taste is selective, and expression is my favorite elective. No more politics or apologies!” I wish he would tell us all how he really feels. Sheesh.

3. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

4. Dita Von Teese

Dita is somewhat of a hypocrite when it comes to supporting PETA and its message. Von Teese told People, “PETA’s totally aware of me. I’m not working with PETA to tell people to be vegetarians or to stop wearing fur. I am there to strictly speak about spaying and neutering your pets.”

5. Courtney Love

Back in 2008, Love wrote on her Myspace, “Yep, I’m a fur whore. If it’s 100 years old I’m f**king into it. Sorry PETA. I’ve been very, very good for a very, very long time, and this ermine is ancient and tattered and feels like it belonged to a Queen. I know, I know. Maybe I’ll just stare at it, but f**k off if I wear it, I KNOW what I’m doing.”

6. Kid Rock

Kid Rock told the UK’s Daily Record about his thoughts on PETA, “To throw paint on someone is just wrong. [Animal rights activists] do it to little Hollywood actresses who can’t defend themselves. I’m willing the animal rights protesters to chuck red paint on me. My biggest extravagance is fur coats — I’ve got every kind of animal in my wardrobe.”

7. Jennifer Lopez

She calls herself Jenny from the Block. But this fur is not something that someone would be wearing around her block!

8. Paris Hilton

After being put on PETA’s Worst Dressed List, Paris not only agreed to view a series of revolting animals-being-tortured videos but she also decided to surrender her furs to the authorities!

9. Lindsay Lohan

My thoughts are that Freckles wore fur because Paris and Kim were wearing fur. Because back then, Paris and Kim K used to be BFF’s and Lilo so desired to fit into that rich bitch crowd. Wearing fur seemed to be the “in” thing to do back in the day.

10. Beyonce