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5 Celebrity Men In Speedos

Few men can pull off a serious Speedo pose. We managed to find a couple of celebrity men who can pull off a eensie weensie bikini and a few who joke around in one. I must say the ones joking around don’t look half bad! Ok well, Justin Timberlake at least.

So here ya go, my friends. Instead of women and their barely there bikinis, here are some guys rocking the bun hugging, ween packing swimwear version of the tightey whiteys.

1. David Beckham: This guy. There are no words.

2. Justin Timberlake: Love guru. Goofy, but not goofin’ around when it comes to filling out those scundies!

3. Russell Brand: Awkward, silly pose, but he doesn’t look THAT bad, I guess.

4. Daniel Craig: Awww, there must be something with the British and their love for the Speedos. Hey, this guy looks more than acceptable in this one I suppose.

5. Hugh Jackman: Yeah. The guy from down under looks a little ragged with that mop on his head, but hey. We’ll give him a break