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10 Greatest Opening Movie Scenes

It takes a lot to hold our interest with some of the movies we watch. I think all it takes is a great opening scene to grab us and keep our attention.

With that I give you the 10 greatest opening movie scenes in history! IMHO of course…

1. ALI – If this opening doesn’t make you want to get up and start exercising, then something is wrong with you!


2. THE WAY OF THE GUN- Little known flick, but the opening makes the film. Sarah Silverman getting punched in the face. Enough said.


3. PULP FICTION- Classic film. Classic opening. Never seen a diner robbed since.


4. JAWS- This movie still scares the hell out of me. The opening scene sets up the rest of this classic beautifully.


5. THE DARK KNIGHT- Watching this opening scene in IMAX was amazing. Great intro to an unforgettable villain.


6. RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK- Our first look at Indiana Jones. Running away from a giant boulder, still a classic movie moment.


7. INGLORIOUS BASTERDS- There is such tension in this opening scene. Christoph Waltz shows why he won an Oscar.


8. STAR WARS- Sure the opening makes you feel like you are doing an eye chart at an optometrist’s office, but you still love it.


9. GOLDFINGER- James Bond movies are always known for their amazing pre-title sequences. Goldfinger was the first to really do it.


10. THE SPY WHO LOVED ME- One of the best stunts ever. Skiing off a cliff! NO CGI!!!