Disney Pushes Gina Carano For Emmy After Firing Her

Gina Carano has become quite the subject of controversy. After Disney fired her from her role in The Mandalorian, the persistent actress has continued to endure a variety of issues. She was dropped by her agency, Disney attempted to remove her appearance on Running Wild with Bear Grylls, and social media platforms attempted to censor her posts. Nevertheless, she has pushed forward, and she’s still eagerly trying to maintain her acting career. Interestingly, however, despite having fired her, it appears that Disney is also now pushing for Gina Carano to receive an Emmy nomination for her work on The Mandalorian.

As you can see below, via CNet, a poster for The Mandalorian was spotted which featured a variety of cast members from the series being suggested for Emmy nominations. The poster specifically lists Gina Carano under “Supporting Actress.” Twitter user Price of Reason soon shared the image and posted the following caption with it:

“GINA CARANO has been proposed by Disney for Emmy Consideration as Supporting Actress on The Mandalorian. Until we see a public apology, a Gina rehiring and Kathleen Kennedy stepping down at Lucasfilm, this is just a plot to silence disappointed Star Wars fans.”

There definitely is a sense of hypocrisy with this movement. While Disney felt the urge to fire Gina Carano, specifically for behavior that they called “abhorrent and unacceptable,” it seems strange that they would also want her to win an Emmy nomination at the same time. There are any number of ways that this move by Disney can be interpreted, and not any of them are good. In fact, it’s pretty surprising to see them act in such a manner.

Gina Carano even stated that Disney didn’t even bother to formally tell her that she was fired. Rather, she had learned about the decision through social media like everybody else. So while Disney can’t maintain the common courtesy of telling her that she was fired, it seems they have every intention of milking her work on The Mandalorian for good publicity. It’s unclear how things will continue at this rate, but hopefully they balance out for everyone’s best interests.

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