Kodak Black Posts A Weird Message For Mother’s Day

Kodak Black posted a strange message for Mother’s Day. Check out the post that he shared on social media below.

‘Maybe because every woman done raised someone’s son at some point? 🥴😂 lol j/k’ someone said.

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A follower said: ‘No, thanks. I did everything I could to make sure I would never be a mother. I’m 53, there’s no yet here. Thrilled by my decision every single day! So, no need to wish me HMD, thanks.’

One commenter posted this: ‘I definitely should be I’m really a mother to my lil sis, nephew, cousins….they be like can you be my mommy and nobody can put a hand on them….I’m ready for war when you try them inno.’

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A follower said: ‘I am a mother of 1 wanting 2 more but Some women don’t want to be mothers I know multiple women that never want kids, so please don’t do this it can honestly really make some women very offended. Because not every woman wants to be a mother.’

One other commenter posted this: ‘I say happy Mother’s day to all females because in one way or another they’ve been a mother to someone! Pet moms count too lol friend moms etc! Love this!!’

A commenter said: ‘us mother’s can’t even get a DAY to ourselves, we already sharing it with the kids god damn 🙄’ and someone else posted this: ‘Not every woman wants to be a mother/can be a mother/ will be a mother. This does more bad than good bc it pits more pressure on women to be mothers. Just my opinion tho🤷🏽‍♀️’

A fan said: ‘Nah. Most disrespectful thing you can do is treat ALL WOMEN the exact same. Women value genuine actions & unique special treatment and dislike you giving them the same exact copy & paste praise you give every other woman. #EbrahimAseem.’

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