Miles Teller & Keleigh Sperry Say He Was Actually ‘JUMPED’ By 2 Random Men During Hawaii Vacation!

Keleigh Sperry spoke out about Miles Teller‘s attack during their Hawaii getaway!

In case you missed it, the 34-year-old actor was reportedly punched in the face at a restaurant in Hawaii this week. As we reported, a man allegedly decked Teller inside the bathroom before taking the scuffle to the middle of the establishment. The whole ordeal concluded with the Divergent star reportedly screaming he would be pressing charges, and the couple leaving the place. Thankfully, it seemed like he didn’t have any serious injuries.

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But why did this all happen?? Well, the man who allegedly assaulted Teller is said to have been an event planner who claimed the Pennsylvania native owed him $60,000 for services at the couple’s 2019 wedding in Maui!

Damn. It’s crazy to think one that one second the pair were enjoying a romantic trip with Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley, then this happens! Miles is seriously going to need a vacation from his vacation at this point. But sadly, the drama didn’t end here as there is more to the story or rather a correction to it.

Shortly after reports circulated on Friday, his wife took to Instagram Stories to confirm the altercation had occurred. However, Keleigh disputed the claimed that it was over an old debt and done by only one man! The model said in a brief post that her hubby had actually been jumped by 2 random guys, writing:

“The story reported about Miles being punched in the face by @TMZ over ‘money’ is completely false. Miles was jumped by 2 men we have never met after they trapped him in a bathroom. It seems these same men have done this to many people, and we appreciate your support Maui. This is now a criminal investigation.”

And to further corroborate her truth bomb, Teller tweeted out a response to Pat McAfee who jokingly compare the brawl to a tag-team wrestling match on WWE, saying:

“I got jumped by two guys in a bathroom. Never met them before in my life but ya cool wrestling segue bud.”

The sports announcer later apologized to the War Dogs lead, saying:

“Miles.. I apologize for not knowing the whole story. I will fix my position and make it right… with that being said, it was a pretty good segue.”

Wow! Ch-ch-check out the full Twitter interaction (below):

No matter what supposedly happened in the restaurant, we are just hoping Miles is okay! What are your reactions to the latest update in the Miles Teller brawl? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via Sheri Determan/WENN]

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