‘Saint Maud’ Is Terrifying Viewers On Amazon Prime & Hulu

One of the most fascinating aspects of social media, especially in recent times, is seeing how the Internet treats certain movies. While some newer films manage to receive plenty of hype by way of word of mouth, other films have been beaten senselessly with backlash and criticism. Luckily, for the psychological horror film Saint Maud, it looks like social media is working in the movie’s favor. As you can see down below, it looks like Twitter users are actually terrified by the film and its eerie subject matter. In fact, many users are saying the movie has even exceeded their expectations and far surpassed its own marketing campaign.

As stated by a variety of Twitter users who recently watched the horror film via Amazon Prime or Hulu:

It’s definitely nice to see Saint Maud receive so much positive attention. After a difficult series of delays before its release, it seems the film has finally earned some much deserved acclaim.

Rose Glass both wrote and directed the film Saint Maud. The cast includes Marfydd Clark as Maud, Jennifer Ahle as Amanda Kohl, Lily Knight as Joy, Lily Frazer as Carol, Turlough Convery as Christian, Rosie Sansom as Ester, Marcus Hutton as Richard, Carl Prekopp as Homeless Pat, and Noa Bodner as Hilary.

In the recently released film…

“Saint Maud is a chilling and boldly original vision of faith, madness, and salvation in a fallen world. Maud, a newly devout hospice nurse, becomes obsessed with saving her dying patient’s soul — but sinister forces, and her own sinful past, threaten to put an end to her holy calling.”

Although the film had quite a few unfortunate delays regarding its release date, mostly due to the unfortunate Coronavirus pandemic, it seems to have now found an audience. With the advent of VOD and digital streaming, it appears as though Saint Maud will manage to gain quite the following in the years to come. Especially thanks to platforms like Amazon Prime supporting the film.

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