‘Venom 2’ Trailer Features A Stan Lee Cameo

The Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage trailer has hit the internet and has fans talking a lot about the sequel to the Sony symbiote cinematic adventure. Eddie Brock is back and is living the ‘Odd Couple’ life with Venom and is also working on an expose of sorts of the serial killer, Cleatus Cassidy. Things of course go awry and it all leads to one of Spider-Man’s deadliest villains coming to the silver screen. New director and mo-cap master, Andy Serkis, has decided to point out some Easter Eggs for the trailer, and it includes a cameo that is a necessity for any Marvel project.

IGN released a companion version of the trailer with director Andy Serkis offering a commentary on the footage and points out some major ideas and clues to some of the scenes. It’s been made clear that Venom 2 isn’t in the Marvel Cinematic Universe nor is currently part of the Spider-Man film realm, but there are some nods to Spidey’s world. We see a detective reading The Daily Bugle, even though they are in San Francisco and not New York. But the biggest Easter Egg has to be early on in the trailer where the late Stan Lee can be seen on the cover of a magazine in the bodega that Eddie and Venom shop at and protect!

Beyond the fact that he helped create some of the greatest characters in American Literature, Lee was incredibly well known for cameoing in nearly every single Marvel project on the big screen. Fans went to Marvel films and scoured the scenes for a Stan Lee sighting and roared whenever he hit the screen. And, even after his death, Lee is still making appearances in the movies!

Serkis offers up quite a bit in his commentary without spoiling the film and he gives us at least some insight into what to expect from this movie. And, while the first flick broke all kinds of records upon its release, it wasn’t highly praised. Andy has a big task in directing this sequel, including bringing Carnage to life in a way that doesn’t upset people. But, the inclusion of Stan Lee always helps.

Did you catch Stan Lee’s cameo in the Venom 2 trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

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